Utilization of systematic manufacturing techniques enables us to deliver consistent quality and takes short lead-time for production requirements. Further, improvisation, constant assimilation and adoption of latest international technology, helps us to meet the growing industry requirements.

Our in-house Quality Control Division & well equipped test laboratories ensures that the quality standards are in conformance to international benchmarks, at every stage of the production.


We conduct a host of quality test for all our products. Some of the tests we conduct are:


Test of Raw Materials

Forgings that are duly isothermally annealed and normalized are procured from the reliable suppliers. They are subjected to Dimensional and Metallurgical checks before any further processing. The tests include:

  • Visual inspection for cracks and folds
  • Chemical composition check by spectra analysis





The raw materials are also tested for

  • Hardness
  • Harden ability
  • Micro Structure
  • Grain Size and Grain Flow









Tests conducted for Transmission Gears and Shafts include

  • Tooth thickness by MOT / DOP
  • Root Diameter
  • PCD Run out
  • Lead and Profile
  • Surface finish









Patrol inspection is done at defined intervals. We verify and record various parameters on process control charts.




Tests conducted for quality assurance of Gears include

  • Tooth thickness
  • PCD Run out
  • Backlash with mating parts
  • Tooth contacts







Before Heat treatment, inspection is done to ensure removal of all sharp edges and burrs.




A gamut of tests conducted for quality assurance for all our products are

  • Crack detection of ground surfaces by Magnaflux.
  • Heat Treatment.
  • Checks on Case Depth.
  • Inspection of Core and Surface Hardness.
  • Micro Structure testing.
  • Testing of Flatness of Crown Wheels.













Our main concern is to offer unmatched quality and reliable products. Our quality products are highly appreciated in the domestic and international markets and have etched a respectable place for our organization.
























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Gear tester in Quality






Our ISO Certification


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